Scopeguard Disposable Cystoscope Sheath

Disposable Cystoscope SheathThe Scopeguard sheath is a sterile, single use, disposable cystoscope sheath designed to provide a protective barrier between the scope and the patient during cystoscopy. The unique, high performance endoscopic sheaths are effective, efficient and economical and offer ground-breaking solutions for endoscopic procedures ensuring the safety of the patient alongside greater productivity for the physician.

Scopeguard’s sterile, single use, slide on sheath improves efficiency without compromising the accuracy of cystoscopic examinations. The sheath is designed to eliminate the need for time consuming reprocessing between each patent and reduces staff exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals.

Manufactured from low surface-friction PU the sheath is easy to fit and remove. The microplastic lens provides unrestricted view. Connection to irrigation is via a luer-lock port; irrigation runs between the inner and outer sheath. The Scopeguard is supplied sterilized by Ethylene Oxide.

Sheath Pressure Tester

Pressure tester

Enhance user confidence and ensure an effective barrier has been maintained throughout the procedure by using the Scopeguard Sheath Pressure Tester at the end of each cystoscopy.

Scopeguard Camera Drape

Camera drapeThe easy to fit Scopeguard Camera Drapes allow the instrument to be completely isolated from the Urologist and patient. The drapes are available with or without the eye connector to accommodate users of fibreoptic and video cystoscopes.